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June 20,2011

To Whom It May Concern,

Let It Grow has been doing our plant maintenance for 3 months now and everyone who walks into the office remarks as to how beautiful our plants are.

Before they started taking care of the plants, most of them were getting brown, dusty and our palm trees were at the point of needing replacement. Since "Let It Grow" has taken over, all the plants are shining and blooming, and the palm trees are green and growing.

Javier, who is our assigned horticulturist, is amazing with the greenery, with suggestions and procedures every week to improve their presentation.

We are very pleased with the service and would recommend "Let It Grow" highly.


Office Manager


RHR International LLP

June 21, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

Iím please to recommend Robert Syska and the entire Cool Moss, Inc. DBA Let It Grow team; they have provided excellent customer service from both an administrative and maintenance point of view. My office recently relocated and Cool Moss stored our plants for 3 months while the office was in transition. The plants thrived under their care and came back to us in such good shape that we have started using them for our weekly plant maintenance. I have been happy with that service as well.


Office Manager





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